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The Gone Man

Nashville PI Jackson Gamble is back on the case, and this time he’s on the trail of the mentally unstable son of wealthy real estate developer Richard Eberle, who himself has only months to live. Complications quickly arise, as not only has the young man in question left no hint as to where he might have gone, but also that, apart from his father, the very people who should be most concerned for the missing man’s well-being seem determined to make sure he isn’t found. In short order, what starts out as an ordinary missing person investigation quickly turns deadly, as bodies begin to pile up. And as the case unfolds, Gamble finds he is on the verge of discovering a dark and deadly family secret that threatens not also his reputation, but also his life.

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Available in Paperback and e Book 

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What would you do if you knew you knew you were being shipped off to the most remote part of the Midwest and you might never again see the ones you love?


One moment, he is discussing sports with friends after a great JV game, next moment he is on his way to a remote part of the Midwest spending his summer with a grandfather he barely knows because of a tragedy.  His mom and dad are both career Navy, and both serving overseas, during the Vietnam War. Will he ever see them again? What will happen to him if they don't return?


Then, as Connor tries to adjust to a small town in the middle of the Midwest, Goldenrod, Kansas, his fears of being banished to the middle of nowhere leads him to believe his life is over for good!


In Goldenrod, Kansas, his new home, Connor knows the baseball fans came out to see who the new kid is that knocked out the team's best player. Can he win them over? Will he be here long enough to make lifelong friends, something he has been dreaming of for a very long time?


And to make everything worse, Connor finds himself in love with the girlfriend of the town's "best baseball player and town bully"! 


Connor is troubled by his frightening thoughts of losing his newfound love, his parents, and his grandfather, all in one summer. He becomes overwhelmed with questions of life's purpose. Will his conscience allow him to do whatever is needed to be the young man he wants to be, or will tragedy stop him in his tracks?


Follow Connor's journey from San Francisco, California to Goldenrod, Kansas and from his childhood to becoming a young man.

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Nashville PI Jackson Gamble takes on a case that seems simple enough. All he has to do is find and return home a fourteen-year-old girl who has disappeared from home. Gamble's experience tells him the girl is just another runaway, but her mother insists she has been kidnapped. The search for Gabrielle sets Gamble on a path that leads him through the city's underbelly of sex for hire, pornography, snake-handling religious fundamentalists, and perhaps a serial killer of teenaged girls.

With the help of an attractive woman with a heartbreaking past of her own, he reaches the conclusion of his investigation, with results that are both tragic and unforgettable, where the smallest mistake could spell the end of both his career and his life.

Lost Little Girl is Gregory Stout's debut mystery in the Jackson Gamble series. He is also the author of Gideon's Ghost, a young adult novel which takes place in small-town America in the mid-1960's. He has also written 21 books on the history of American railroads.  He resides with his wife, Carol, and two cats, Wallace and Gromit, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Available Now in Paperback and eBook
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978-1-68512-045-0 (paperback) $16.95
978-1-68512-046-7 (e-book) $5.99


It is 1965 and Gary Seiler is a fourteen-year old boy with a very big problem. He’s got a girlfriend named Wendy and a whole summer ahead of him to spend with her and to work on his game, so he can try out for the varsity golf team when school starts in the fall. But then his plans are upended when his father is critically injured in a car accident and Gary is sent off to spend the summer with his grandparents in Fairweather, a small town in Oklahoma where he is sure nothing good is going to happen.


Upon arrival in Fairweather, Gary is met by his Uncle Bob, who is only seventeen himself, and who has plans of his own for the summer that do not include “wasting his time” with Gary. However, at the insistence of Gary’s grandparents, Gary and Bob are stuck with one another and immediately embark on a series of adventures, including car races, finding a dead body in the woods and Gary’s first “real” kiss, which presents him with a bigger problem than anyone could have imagined.


Along the way, Gary meets a girl named Darby, who teaches him about sportsmanship and a strange boy named Gideon, who somehow seems to have stepped out of the past. Gideon soon befriends Gary and before the summer is over, not only saves his life but also helps Gary to understand the meaning and importance of family, love and forgiveness.

Available Now in Paperback and eBook
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978-1-68512-045-0 (paperback) $16.95
978-1-68512-046-7 (e-book) $5.99

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