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Reviews are an authors best friend. Reviews give new readers the opportunity to get a feel for the author and his or her style. Reviews tell the potential reader the thoughts and opinions of fellow readers.

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I appreciate my readers taking the time to read my books and leave reviews.

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Just wanted to say that I liked this book a lot!

There were a couple of times I thought I knew where you were going next and you surprised me. As someone who has read mysteries almost exclusively for many years, that isn't easy. In fact, nothing will make me put a book down unfinished like a predictable plot twist.

I thought your use of foreshadowing was appropriately subtle in places and more obvious in places where you wanted your reader to know something was about to happen. If this were a movie instead of a book, I would say you scored it perfectly.

Your description in settings and people were well-blanced-enough to give me a solid idea of what I was looking at but not so much that I couldn't use my imagination.  Another thing I hate - having everything so laid out that there's no room to see it through my own lens. For God's sake, don't ever tell me everything and how I'm supposed to feel about it or there's no joy in reading.

And the ending...

I loved the ending. You can probably tell by now that I hate a nice, pretty, neat ending that explains everything. If I wanted that, I'd watch reruns of The Love Boat instead of reading a book. You answered just enough but also acknowledged that some things were unsatisfactory and others are unknowable.  And yet, you threw in some hope in the relationship of Jackson and Maggie.

You left me looking forward to the next Jackson Gamble Book!

Excellent! Can’t put it down

Excellent! Can’t put it down

Amazon review November 20, 2021

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Skillful Contemporary Detective Story

Lost Little Girl gives you both a compelling detective story and an entertaining writing style. The author clearly enjoys writing, which makes reading this book a pleasure.

Amazon verified purchase review October 27,2021

"Can't Put it Down" Story about a Teenager's Summer in Rural Oklahoma in 1965

You might think you would not be interested in small town life in Oklahoma in 1965, but “Gideon’s Ghost” may change your mind. Stout’s novel unfolds with a lot of local color and quaint bygone customs such as threatening to wash out someone’s mouth with soap for having used an inappropriate word. There are plenty of historical artifacts like white Levi’s, penny loafers, the tilt-a-whirl, Western Auto, and typical Oklahoma/Missouri argot like shebang, “done good,” washtub etc.. The dialog has the sardonic ring of the “Show Me” State, as in ‘“Granddad, why do you have a gun in your tackle box?” “Thought you were looking for a hook,” he said.”’ By the middle of the book the reader reaches the “can’t put it down” stage as a result of some mysterious events. Stout skillfully weaves together several plot lines in a wholesome tale where good behavior pays off.ext box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

Amazon verified purchase review May 25, 2019

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Coming of age

What is a "young adult" novel? I don't really know and I can't say how Gideon's Ghost relates to that market. I - not a young adult - found myself picking up and reading the book and being pulled into it in a way I didn't anticipate. I would call it a "coming of age" story, and I think most of us can relate to the struggles that young Gary experiences on his way to adulthood. We watch as he encounters family turmoil, a demand for physical courage, sexual awakening, homesickness, and an exploration of deep ties between father and son. But nothing in Gideon's Ghost is preachy or dull. In fact the fast-paced plot draws the reader in and ultimately satisfies. A good read!

Amazon verified purchase review October 13, 2019

I loved this book! It’s the powerful story of a 14 year old boy, Gary, who is sent away to spend his summer vacation living with his grandparents and a teenage uncle. His mom must work by day and attend to her husband, Gary’s dad, at the hospital by night due to a car wreck that has left him clinging to life. Gary’s grandparents live in a small, rural town in Oklahoma, a far cry from his suburban life in St. Louis. Besides navigating the change from suburban to rural life, Gary also must cope with the fact that his father may not survive. This coming of age book is written with freshness, intensity, and power.

Amazon verified purchase June 9, 2020

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Gideons cover 2.jpg

Life in a small town during the 60's

Very well written with a good plot! It brought that period of time
(The struggles of African Americans in the 60's and white prejudice) to life. The main character in the story is an Everyman whom everyone can relate to.

Amazon verified purchase March 4, 2020

Well-written and relevant for today.

I enjoy historical fiction, and this book is set in the tumultuous times of the mid-1960's in my beloved Midwest. It details one boy's journey of loss, connection with extended family, and growing up quickly in just a few months.

It was a quick read that I enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon. The writing style is clear and crisp, and perfectly evokes the angst of teenagers. It's a great trip to the past that speaks to the themes of racism, divided opinions, and struggles of the human heart that are similar in today's culture. Enjoyable read for baby boomers, young adults, and this Gen X gal.

Amazon Review February 28,2020

Gideon double cover.png

Several plot lines smoothly linked.

Finished reading it last night, enjoyed it thoroughly. A perfect young adult story. Wouldn't mind if there's more to come! Really addictive plot. Congratulations.

Amazon Review June 5, 2019

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