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Past Titles by Gregory Stout

Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award Winner
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Nashville PI Jackson Gamble takes on a case that seems simple enough. All he has to do is find and return home a fourteen-year-old girl who has disappeared from home. Gamble's experience tells him the girl is just another runaway, but her mother insists she has been kidnapped. The search for Gabrielle sets Gamble on a path that leads him through the city's underbelly of sex for hire, pornography, snake-handling religious fundamentalists, and perhaps a serial killer of teen-aged girls.

With the help of an attractive woman with a heartbreaking past of her own, he reaches the conclusion of his investigation, with results that are both tragic and unforgettable, where the smallest mistake could spell the end of both his career and his life.

Lost Little Girl is Gregory Stout's debut mystery in the Jackson Gamble series. He is also the author of Gideon's Ghost, a young adult novel which takes place in small-town America in the mid-1960's. He has also written 21 books on the history of American railroads.  He resides with his wife, Carol, and two cats, Wallace and Gromit, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

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Past Titles by Gregory Stout

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